Friday, January 11, 2013


Something new for 2013...Japanese classes! Our first class was on Monday, it's epic being classmates and partners in crime again heheh  :-) Our teacher Marvin-san is younger than most of the class, but he does a great job teaching us and keeping a relatively straight face when we make horrendous mistakes ^_*
Ja ma-te! <3


pic of sumo love from yeaaaaars ago! :D

Friday, January 04, 2013


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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Camera dump for 2012

New year’s and I’m still in school waiting to key in timetables as they get churned out…a slow, painful process, but it leaves me time to empty out the pictures from my phone…yay!
2012-06-19 20.30.58
Roti and kabab…a pakistani peace offering after major clashes heheh #ceasefire
2012-06-27 13.56.52
Baby biawak (monitor lizard) that visited school and got cornered by everyone with a camera #paparazzi
2012-06-29 13.51.00
Kuda!!! On the way to Bridex, from the shuttle bus

Me in front of the Bridex building…so sakai cos didn’t know this place existed  #louvreofbrunei
2012-06-29 13.58.26
The Thai booth with graceful ladies with epic smiles *melts*
2012-06-29 13.58.44
And their collection of hats!
2012-06-29 15.00.03
This epic display of a bubblejet printout from Epson, doesn’t run even underwater! But it doesn’t print on photo paper, it tends to smudge before it dries. #epicwin #eficpail
2012-06-30 10.39.13
The Worship Asia Band that came to school to play <3
2012-06-30 10.46.46
Supercute KG gal whistling at the band!
2012-06-30 11.51.01
The most popular guy with a beard Winking smile
2012-06-30 11.53.15
Maria, Marie and me with some of the band <3

2012-07-08 08.58.00
My part time cat snoozing on my lap =^..^=
2012-07-08 19.28.16
My iron-on zombie on my laptop bag strap, with the fail version below. This time the zombies won. Brrrraaaaaaiiiiiinnsssss!
Ok ayam malas now….publishhhhhhh!

Monday, December 31, 2012


Did you really think I was going to let 2012 slip by without a blog post? Heheh...It's a few more hours to midnight so I'll cheat and just post up the 1001 pics I've taken whilst nomming in and around 2012 :D


Korean food from Seoul Garden <3 Very epic with lots of little side dishes


Our main courses…couldn’t finish!

Sandra’s little girl’s Birthday Cake and cupcakes…supercute!


Coffee and cake at Secret Recipe


My Hari Raya lunch *takes a bow*


Be Indian, Cook Indian…August 15th Celebration with TriColoured Flied Lice, Jelly and Veggies Open-mouthed smile


More Secret Recipe…Lasagna and Coffee


Party at Bernice’s beach house (complete with beetle)


Epic noms at Bernice’s house


Sungkai Buffet at The Polo Club…the leaves were raw but not bad XD


Part 2 from the Polo Club…ice cream <3


Part 3 Polo Club…very yum!


The best part…dessert, ice cream and coffee <3


Our 3 cakes in between a movie marathon..Madagascar and MIB 3

2012-03-01 14.15.24


2012-03-05 10.09.34

Simon and Karen’s healthy snack

2012-03-09 13.27.36

My healthy snack *cough*

2012-03-13 14.00.07

Steamboat at Ice Bar & café #ironyimpaired

2012-03-21 22.05.10

My first attempt at Fettuccine Alfredo #yum #superfattening

2012-03-25 13.29.57

My plate of guilt :P

2012-03-28 20.39.59

Tenom coffee from KK, Sabah…the best coffee on the planet!

2012-04-12 10.10.59

Susie’s baby’s cake…cute!!

2012-04-12 10.11.09

This pink dragon even has whiskers! #detail

2012-04-13 16.32.16

My chocolate fudge cookies #shebakes #cookiemixcheat

2012-04-14 13.51.20

More charcoal lunch #whyamifat #dontanswer

2012-05-12 16.42.56

Gripps…Pretty drinks, all in a row Winking smile

2012-11-26 12.17.41

CP’s farewell lunch at excapade…epic noms was epic!

2012-11-26 12.38.16

TBC’s cold noodles…with the quail egg dip on the left #ewwrawegg

2012-11-26 13.29.15

Black sesame ice cream…didn’t like it much tho, the sesame taste was too strong

2012-11-30 15.44.56

Roti Kosong “Special” that we drove all the way to lambak for

2012-11-30 15.46.05

The “condiments” that came with the roti special…tuna, corned mutton, aloo and pickled veggies. Not so much to our taste, so we’re unlikely to return. Good service tho Smile

2012-12-09 11.17.21

Banana Leaf lunch at Karthik’s wedding…epic noms Smile

2012-12-09 11.31.48

Ending with ice cream on a banana leaf

2012-12-29 19.27.07

And my last meal out for 2012…Pataya flied lice at La Mee…tq wifey <3

Why am I the size of a young elephant again? Smile with tongue out