Friday, August 17, 2007

Huff + Puff!

Agnes and I went to the hill thingie next to Sheraton on Wednesday after months of inactivity. Yeah, I've been living in BSB forever but I've never been there before, so took pictures like a very sakai tourist hehe :)
Anyways, these are for Rasheed and Alan, will take more soon!

The starting bit of the hill after walking a little way up.

*Tour guide voice* To your right, you can see...uhh..I think it's Terrace Hotel (last time Ang's Hotel). I'll double check this evening if I go again hehe :-) The lady in the picture is actually the nurse who lives with her hubby and kids upstairs...the family that loves cats...remember or not?
This is the view on the left.
I think it's Sheraton's parking lot. So unobservant. Anyway you can see the after-school traffic hasn't changed!

Up the neverending hill

Halfway up...

Nearly there

The reddish building is Pusat Belia so you have some idea which part of Bandar this is :-)

The peak at last!

Separuh mati and still trying to act cute :P

Heheh...taking pics as if I'd climbed Mount Kinabalu :) But it felt like I'd climbed to the moon, could barely smile! The sign behind me says Protected a picture of a man running away and kena tembak. As if people can run away, by the time we reach the top, moving 2 inches is already too far!

Really had to drag myself up, so out of shape! Kept seeing people disappear into the corner, but was actually too exhausted on Wednesday to walk just 5 metres across to see where they were going :P

Going where?

Yesterday I wasn't so tired so I lurched over to the corner to see what was there..

Cheh...the next hill

I suppose it leads to Tasek Lama. Don't know what I was expecting, Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole or what :P~

On the way down

Nearly out..with Agnes zooming ahead

And that's it..managed 2 hills on Wednesday and 3 hills see how lah :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

So proud of myself for
a) Remembering! *thanks to orkut, you just can't miss it*
b) Learning how to use photo filters though I overdid the centre :-)
c) Getting the colours right :D
Hmm...looks a bit like Italy World Cup fan or not?!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday morning - beachload of pictures!

Before I start, this was supposed to be up about 2 weeks back but I got sick then very the busy, so here it is now:
The Sultan, with the Crown Prince behind him :D

Taken with my not-so-clear cameraphone at "Meet the Rakyat"on July 22nd. I was so busy trying to get a nice picture, so I didnt go to the front to shake hands. CP too...but she was like a few inches away, plus her Motorola camera is so nice!! And she got the whole thing on video. Oiiii...YOUTUBE!!

I took the whole morning off for myself, got 3 reasons to justify it some more:

1. Woke up too early
Awake before my 2 roosters this morning, which I think is a good reason to cry. IT'S SUNDAY MORNING! Hmm...just occurred to me that I should have called CP up immediately...perfect revenge for all those Sundays when she calls at 8 am (middle of the night to me!!) just because she's awake.

2. Got one foot in the grave
Still smarting from yesterday's conversation with one of my kids:
(They were given some Math problem where they'd to add Harry and Ron's Ribena in litres)
Kid: Cher, Harry Potter is so old, did he drink Ribena meh?
Me: No lah! He's nearly a year younger than me!
Kid: Then he's OLD lah!!
Me: !!!!!

Another birthday and I'm no spring chicken, but still...
3. Sibeh sian
I'd to go out and "deliver mango", so since I was already out and it was too early for retail therapy, I suddenly headed for Muara beach :D

Pretty canopy of trees

Took this for Rasheed...The houses that mean "we're near the beach" are still there!



Looks so different, right?

It was about 10+ and very sunny, which was good, after the mini typhoon and rain we'd been having since last week. So I looksee here..

...and looksee there

The water in the little stream above is actually brown, the lawa blue is just the sky.

Till I found a nice SHADY spot to park myself. Ya, a log (read: S-H-A-D-Y).

Got tree stump to put handbag and Pepsi :D

The view from my shady spot

Armed with M&B and cottage fries!

After finishing the book, picked up a stick... ...started being blissfully jobless again :-)

A la Lao Zha Bor

Heheh...I didnt leave my blog address there :-)


After the very, very stressful week, it felt wonderful to be AFK and just do nothing :-) Plus I hadn't been to the beach in ages, so it brought back fond memories of family trips, pepper chicken, playing in the sea, coffee in flasks for the adults and when we were exhausted, the trip home where Rasheed and I would bicker endlessly about who crossed the "middle line" separating our respective spaces in the back seat ;-)

Wonder what would we have done if there had been a third sibling? Probably tossed his/her hypothetical butt into the boot muahahaha :->

Anyway, maybe it was the heat, or maybe I was so happy :-), but suddenly everything started to look pretty!
This old log!

Got baby fish swimming at the back, you know!

And these pebbles!


And this very cute seashell!

Very lawa!

So I started picking them up...which I havent done in YEARS!!! Since I feel so ancient, it's a regression to childhood hehe :-)

Pretty, right?!!

At this point some guy walked past me shaking his head at my joblessness hehe

Then I found a teeny tiny one...

Mini-me! (The pebble wanted to be in the picture... )

Collected a bagful but not the big shell above, since still got occupant living inside.

Happy, happy! :P

Then I realised I was the only one left on the beach! Cos it was a little past noon already, all the sane people had zoomed off to the shade hehe

So I headed back. Remember Mr. Softy ice cream? The white truck at the back :-)

Pretty flowers in the parking lot

Bye bye beach...

Pretty canopy again

Heheh...sounds so mental, but everything really did seem to glow today :-)
On the road again

This one's for Basit:
Live show, man!
Since I was all euphoric from the beach trip, I took the pretty way home. One of the roads leading off the highway goes past this fairycastle-like house. Complete with towers (originally blue-gray, which they recently painted an unfairy-like green) It's probably all the more appealing because it's partially hidden from view.
I thought I was the only one who treasured these short glimpses of the house, but found out that CP's been admiring it for ages too! Talk about coincidence.
We've been planning for ages to drive over "one of these holidays" and see for ourselves who lives there and what it looks like close up. Might ruin the mystery though :P

Towers hidden behind trees

Then I came crashing back to reality, cruelly reminded by a series traffic lights, why we avoid this route.
Red light!


Roundabout - I hate roundabouts!

More red lights!

They were red till I stopped my car! Grr!


Red, red!

Red, Red, Red!

Originally red, but turned green by the time I took the picture!

And that's not all the traffic lights...just the ones where I'd to stop. Bleh.

Lovely morning, blogged so I can take a virtual trip to the beach anytime :-)

Now, back to reality, working with my nose 3 cm from the screen with my beloved Photoshop O_O