Saturday, July 21, 2007

In the spirit of Transformers!

Not much time to write a proper post so here's a picture laden one as usual...bringing joblessness to new heights :-)

Me slightly scary how they make me fat!
Old much for ageing gracefully!
As a child...I was MUCH cuter than this :P~
As a Manga Cartoon
My favourite - Mucha!
Masculine..doesnt look much like Rasheed tho :P

Afro-Siti..I like!

Ang Moh (caucasian) version

China born Indian
Ape girl hehe

Friday, July 20, 2007

Die, Mickey, DIE!! :P~

What does one do when presented with a plate of uber cute Mickey-head pancakes and syrup?
Eat lah! :-)
I shared them with my kid...and he went straight for the ears!
Me: Why o?
Kid: Because they're easy to eat (Duh!)

Three Mouseketeers

Not even mouse-to mouse resuscitation can save it now

Full of pancakes!

And I wonder why I'm fat? :P

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Basit broke my heart!

Yes he did! And it was my favourite heart too!

Oh the carnage!
I had made a mug of chamomile tea and placed it on a bookshelf to sip while I curled up and read. Basit was sitting in the giant roller chair, laptopping away, when he decided to roll back and S T R E T C H...
The scene of the crime
It was a BLOODBATH...the tragedy unfolded as the six foot goliath unintentionally smashed his arm into a not-quite-six-inch-high defenceless coffee mug, knocking it clear off the shelf, and sent it plummeting to an early end.
An eyewitness at the crime scene described the incident as "a shattering experience."

Never to hold coffee again
The victim was known among his peers as a smashing chap who was always full of beans. However, they declined to preserve his remains for sedimental value.

Mug shot of the perpetrator
The culprit was found guilty of involuntary mugslaughter, but was let off with a stern warning plus 2 minutes of community service dishwashing, as it was supposedly his first offence.
With eyes liddis, you can get away with a mugging

Coffee mugs all over the country staged protests, insisting that the light sentence made a mocha-r of our judicial system.
Hehe I'm so jahat! Definitely my most jobless post so far.
But speaking of Basit, I was chopping ladies fingers yesterday. Just wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be nice if we could click something to align the ladies fingers to one side for easy decapitation slicing? Like Microsoft Word's Align Left, Align Right, Center...

Align LEFT!

One chop! All gone

Align RIGHT! Chop chop!

See what I mean?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday