Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Octopus...fourth!

Warning: A plateful of octopi (octopuses, octopodes) MAY have been harmed in the making of this blog entry.

Fourth never-done-before-thing accomplished! Cp, CK and I went for sushi at Excapade while they were having an HSBC promo.

Should've picked Mastercard instead of Visa

As usual, our regular dish...the Dragon Roll. Nothing very dragony about it, though only the Japanese can come up with a dish that combines eel, prawn roe, apple, asparagus and avocado all rolled in egg- and make it taste great!
Very yummy!
Next, for my first time ever, baby octopus! CP had previously described it as "put in in your mouth and when you bite through the head, the juice comes out...". Sounds more like a giant munching on babies!

Plate of baby octopus

It was soooooo yummy...didnt have weird juices popping out of the head, but very, very nice!

No fair, my octopus only had 5 luscious, crunchy legs!

I cant remember the name of this one...sushi roll with eel inside, I think. And raw salmon outside the rice, topped with seaweed. Yummy but not as nice as the Dragon Roll.

Sushi getting undressed :P~

While we were waiting for the rest of the dishes, we watched...

...the chef slicing through heaps of salmon...

...the sushi train...


And the joblessness began! There was one octopus left on the dish.

The last baby.

So CP started to adjust the sesame seeds on the little chap.

Extreme makeover in progress.

And created 2 eyes, a nose and a fake smiley mouth! Of course the smile is artificial, I wouldnt be able to smile if I was about to be dipped in soy sauce and swallowed whole!


Extreme makeover not enough! Next comes America's Next Top Model Octopus!

Superjobless or not?

Then CK picked him up...

Literally by the scruff of his neck

Dipped him in wasabi+soy sauce


Heh heh heh! *evil laugh*

And ate him!








end of baby octopus! ^_^

To keep the baby octopus in our tummies company, we munched on another supernice dish.

Salmon Asparagus!

And the sometimes-very-nice, sometimes-overcooked, grilled cuttlefish!


And finally, our soup. CK found it tasteless, but CP and I found it sweet and quite tasty.


And it was kept warm and boiling by a tiny blue flame. Considering the soup was held in paper, it's amazing it (the paper!) didnt burn. CP (resident physics teacher) explained that the metal basket was conducting heat away...or something.

Still, paper won't burn meh?

Fishballs, chicken balls, veggies, etc :)

So much for dieting, this post has made me incredibly hungry! Tata!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Number 3

Third thing for the year is...
I cut my bangs! Not such a great decision :-/ I was so jobless all through the holidays that I got scissor happy and snipped my hair till it now looks like this:

Aiii. Cut anyhow.

On the bright side, severe joblessness also led to a henna tattooed hand *yay* Starting with this:

And after over an hour of squeezing the cone of henna, ending with this:


Nice hor? Though I only like mehndi when the paste is still on the hand...somehow looks nicer than when u wash it off and it looks like this:

Oddly it 'darkened' after a day to blackish-red-orange but too malas to take more pics. At least the holidays are over so no more joblessness...

Back to school.

Afif's rubber lizard

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Can't believe I havent blogged since Halloween! My renewed chinese new year resolution: BLOG more frequently. Erm. All I seem to do is kaypohx2 go and read other people's blogs hehe
Looks like a happy couple, right?

Actually there's a whole hoard of new year resolutions...lose 10kg, drink more green tea, lose 10kg, get CP married off, lose 10kg, stay single, lose 10kg, etc. Only I can't remember most of them so technically it isn't my fault if I don't stick to them. Plus I've promised myself that I'd do 27 things I've never done before. Before I turn 28 21 this year.

And so far I've done 2. Not terribly exciting, but "new" things nonetheless:
1. Baked my first roast chicken on Sunday.
And it was supernice! *yay*
Speaking of baked chicken, ever notice that the 'B' and 'N' keys on your keyboard are placed treacherously close to each other? So if typing in a hurry...

Friend : So what's cooking?
Me : Naked chicken
Friend : O.o
Me : Baked!! BAKED chicken!!

2. Used the men's loo. Though technically it's just the boy's toilet and tucked away in the darkest corner of the top floor - right next to the lab. And there wasn't anyone in school...I was slogging away after hours on the website and after all that green tea (see new year resolution), I REALLY had to go. One of the doors led to the loo with the urinals. Just like on TV! The other door had 2 cubicles, not as clean, but otherwise identical to the girls' loo. Nothing special. Meh.

Two down, 25 to go. Sleepy liao. But can't leave my blog so pictureless, so here's a pic of Mr Lem Bu.

Taken during my short trip to india, pics and details coming soon :)