Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday night and…

I’m here blogging! While fighting on Sorority Life, trying to score the next 137 points to the next level. And minum sambil menyelam kopi mixed with nestum. Yum! And watching the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. So far so good, Izzy might lose her memory and there’s some guy who wants to get his leg lopped off so that he can go fight in Iraq (go figure!) But I *accidentally* saw who died on someone’s blog so it’s kinda ruined it for me. T___T
I should be out, but it’s raining  :P So alang2 make some random post out of all my random pics:
Dim Sum breakfast belanja-ed by Rainah *muaks* after the Swine Flu talk.
Abang tersayang pretending to be asleep :P
Abang tersayang really asleep :D
<CENSORED>Adik tersayang sleeping :) </CENSORED>
Ketam lunch at Kiarong. Bleh-ish.
Wall-E and me camwhoring. Somehow I look evil and  he looks terrorized –_-
Supercute cupcakes belanja-ed by the principal *muaks* :)
Arghhh forgot the name of this tree. But so cute and the curly leaves occur naturally :) *Lawaness*
Rainah’s new laptop. So. Cute. Can. Die. Happy. !!!!!!.
Red papan kekunci! Even the wallpaper also superlawa!
Cute heart thingie made from paper napkins scrunched up.
Koi pond in Singapore
AND a ferris wheel. They think of everything!
Selepas makan malam. New Year’s Eve.
I like to wear my Roller Coaster keropok as rings before eating them off each finger. When I was a kid they used to fit lah. :P

National Day 2009 lineup :)

And now Izzy and George are dead T____T
Or dead-ish.
Selamat meninggal tinggal.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Excellens! *credit to big bro for this one*:P

***Warning: even cornea jokes ahead ***
After months of “buy-dont-buy”, I finally got a pair of contact lens..on the spur of the moment! I’d wanted to try them ages ago, but somehow Basit and I could never see eye to eye on the whole matter back then.

He’s threatened me with everything short of a lashing. T__T
The Freshkon “alluring eyes” I got in winsome brown
After trying them on, I can only say that he lacked vision.
Before *BLEH*
It was DEFINITELY worth looking into!
You have to  see it to believe it :D
With and without
You’ll need an eye for detail to see the difference, of course.
eye say
I went to get myself some contact lens solution from Guardian.
Contact Lens Solution:
I won’t wear them if I see him, eye say, just in case he blows up and makes a spectacle of us  O.o