Sunday, October 12, 2008

I just had to!

It's Sunday, I'm down with a cold and superjobless. Plus it's a cold, blogless day...but then May of May's Vent-Out suddenly put up a post!

All in the spirit of Xiaxue's transformation from geeky schoolgirl to femme fatale.

When Xiaxue zhnged this

to this

and asked for reader entries, I sent in my amateur go...
somehow a bit desi, right?

Comparing the two:

Oklah very amateur compared to XX but still hope she picks mine anyway :)

And now I couldn't resist zhnging May's picture from this:
pretty already o

to this:
Macam Lindsay Lohan...esp with the hair!

Compare, compare:

Small chin                 No need la, a bit can already :P

Big eyes                    CHECK^100! And removed glasses too *Muakssss to the healing tool*

Small nose                A bit smaller a bit of "shadow" at the sides hehe!

Healthy glow / blush   CHECK!

Faux lashes              CHECK^10!

Whiten teeth and white of eyes    CHECK!

Reduce mouth size    Nooooo I'm a huge fan of Angelina!

And I left a comment-link since I couldnt find an email address to send the finished pic to :P

May, lemme know if you want the pic taken down okie?

So all we really need to be lawa is to drop 10 pounds, add on loads of eyeliner and fake lashes and coloured contacts. 

*runs to kedai to buy all of the above* :P~