Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Can't believe I havent blogged since Halloween! My renewed chinese new year resolution: BLOG more frequently. Erm. All I seem to do is kaypohx2 go and read other people's blogs hehe
Looks like a happy couple, right?

Actually there's a whole hoard of new year resolutions...lose 10kg, drink more green tea, lose 10kg, get CP married off, lose 10kg, stay single, lose 10kg, etc. Only I can't remember most of them so technically it isn't my fault if I don't stick to them. Plus I've promised myself that I'd do 27 things I've never done before. Before I turn 28 21 this year.

And so far I've done 2. Not terribly exciting, but "new" things nonetheless:
1. Baked my first roast chicken on Sunday.
And it was supernice! *yay*
Speaking of baked chicken, ever notice that the 'B' and 'N' keys on your keyboard are placed treacherously close to each other? So if typing in a hurry...

Friend : So what's cooking?
Me : Naked chicken
Friend : O.o
Me : Baked!! BAKED chicken!!

2. Used the men's loo. Though technically it's just the boy's toilet and tucked away in the darkest corner of the top floor - right next to the lab. And there wasn't anyone in school...I was slogging away after hours on the website and after all that green tea (see new year resolution), I REALLY had to go. One of the doors led to the loo with the urinals. Just like on TV! The other door had 2 cubicles, not as clean, but otherwise identical to the girls' loo. Nothing special. Meh.

Two down, 25 to go. Sleepy liao. But can't leave my blog so pictureless, so here's a pic of Mr Lem Bu.

Taken during my short trip to india, pics and details coming soon :)