Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Holiday Home Work Part 1

Ten days of holiday and I'm only going
a) to sleep
b) online
c) to camwhore

Meh. So, I figured I would lug up the 7 litres of pink paint that's been sitting in the trunk of my car since last year - and paint my room PINK and WHITE! Not supercute stripes macam Xiaxue's Princess room lah, a blue and purple striped living room is more than enough stripes for me.
But first, decluttering! I have a crazy number of handbags, clothes, accessories, etc. And in Brunei, it's not easy (but not impossible) to find "poor" people, let alone any who'd want another pink handbag :P So I turned to google and searched for "Brunei donate clothes to" and BINGO! Brunei's No. 1 Social News had blogged about the SMARTER Shop in Bandar, behind HSBC in the Wisma building, where they accept 2nd hand stuff and sell it at superlow prices and all proceeds go to SMARTER!

So I dug through my closet and unearthed a few tops.

I still have these?

And found my brown cowgirl top....and a fur trimmed one *sigh*

Ten kg ago...

Two relatively new blue tank tops I never really liked.

One shoulder top I rarely wore and the cute top from Miri *sniff*

My fave turtleneck (10kg ago) and a tank with a dragon guarding the wearer

One of those badminton shirts from memory lane

My first top from Stones..used to be above Supa Save

A black tee, a white tee and a black & white tank :D

Swimsuit I didnt wear much cos of the ruffles

Handmade for me by Wook Jung's mom...awww *sob*

Aiii...the clutterbusters did warn that it wouldnt be easy, but it's done with 30 tops, a swim suit and 2 pairs of shorts. *YAY* And then the bags. At first, superdifficult. Like this:

Buhbye to pink bag, Hello to pink bag with Hello Kitty :P

Then even worse:

Buhbye to furry bag...Hello to THREE furry bags.

Like this cannot leh. So 4 of them went in one shot. Too kanak2 to use anymore.

And with 3 more made a decent pile.

So I could finally start painting :D space for the :P

Didnt take pics of the finished door, but here's a pic of Basit. Wide-eyed Basit

Which reminds me very very much of a picture of my little cousin Shifa:

Wide eyed Shifa

Same or not?