Friday, January 30, 2009

Hide and Squeak

This is another true tail of a cat and mouse. When I got home from my month long trip, I found signs of mouse break-in. So I bought 2 rat glue traps and placed one in the kitchen and one in the loo. And some food in them. In the morning, food hilang and trap empty.


To add insult to injury, the mouse left a souvenir.

Mice are actually pretty intelligent, and contrary to popular manufacturer's opinion, they aren't blind! Yeah, the trap is cute with cartoon mice getting stuck. But its enough to give the mice a pretty good idea what will happen to them if they step on the trap!

So, I tried a different tactic. I kidnapped a cat.


Kidnapped cat.

A slightly scrawny stray but seriously NICE! Most house cats arent as well behaved! I fed her and let her wander around the house while I got back to playing Pet Society heheh. Suddenly, there was a blood curdling screech. I zoomed out only to find:


Remnants of mouse trap

And a distressed kidnapped cat.


Trying desperately to chew off the glue from the mouse trap.

I couldn't believe that the trap that couldn't catch a tiny mouse managed to snag a whole cat!

Before anyone calls the RSPCA, the cat is none the worse for her little misadventure. We managed to remove the mouse trap glue together with a little vegetable oil from the kitchen and a lot of patience, trust and saliva from the cat.

Results of mouse trap episode:


One Extra Clean paw.



One Kidnapped Tulan cat.


On the bright side, the kidnapped cat visits often enough to scare mice away.


Cute hor? Macam pakai eyeliner.


Even knows how to sleep with her head on the cushion.