Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Selendang/ Dupatta ishtyle

  Early in the morning, when the brain hasn't started functioning, the hands fumble, the legs stumble and the lips crack when you try to smile at yourself in the mirror, it's impossible (for me lah) to tie anything more complicated than a tudong. But today, I couldn't find a matching tudong wanted to try a selendang or dupatta. And ended up winding it round my head and pinning it in random areas with multiple pins. Aii.

Enter Mrs Yasmin, the supertalented teacher who does super-ishtyle selendang tying! I called for F1 and she whisked me away to the ladies' loo and unpinned and re-pinned and even returned a spare pin when she was done :D I'm too malu to post up the before picture hehe, but here's the finished product:Picture0145v2


Ok lah I tipu...this was after 5 hrs of running around school and it's shifted a bit but still lawa.


How? My agak-agak instructions:

Step 1: Pin it as usual under the chin with one side short and one side long


More or less like this

Step 2: Flip the shorter side to the back


Why so serious?

Step 3: Pick up the corner of the longer end in front



Step 4: Bring it round to the back of your head, the same side as the shorter end.


Step 5: Pin it in place to your ponytail/bun/skullcap/whatever holds.


Easy or not? I blog fast-fast so that next time I wont forget how hehe

And now back to work. *sigh*



P/S: Bini kedua has christened the cat with the illustrious "Meow".

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