Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day..

…was yesterday. And I only knew because they announced it during the assembly.

And then later with Google’s green green logo.


Sooooo for my bit, I followed this tutorial and made



Paper bags from newspapers!

Cute eh? Eh eh? *elbow nudge*

I mean, who doesn’t want to carry around Calvin and Hobbes?


Awwww =)

Anddddd I planted the curry leaf plant thingie sitting in the vase behind my newspaper bags!

I can has curry leaf plant. <3

We’ll have to see how this turns out though. My parents are blessed with green thumbs (or fingers?) but green things wither and die when I merely glance at them.

In other GREEEEEEEEEN news, check out this guy! He plants pretty flowers in potholes.


Awww again!

Oklah not really to save the environment but more to nag the government to fill them pothole :P



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