Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Complete bull: A Tail of TuCows

****WARNING: Bad Cow Puns ahead ****

Once upon a time, in the quiet land of NearLimbangBorder, there lived a buncha cows and bulls.

Cows + Bull steering clear of traffic.
It never occured to them to moove anywhere, they were blissfully happy and spent all day just grazing and dozing. Or so it seemed...
Until one day, the White Cow overherd the Big Black Bull mumble sadly "I'm tired of being a bull. Perhaps I should head for greener pasteurs. I need a change :-("
"How cowardly!" snorted the White Cow.
"Don't yell at me...I'm still depressed" sobbed the Big Black Bull
"'re just milking that bullemia episode for all its worth!"
"It made me the laughing stock :-( I used to be a charging bull. Look at me now." he sobbed on.
"Yes, I remember, you nearly had a cow when they took away your credit card! But you were way pasture quit being so bull-headed now. You need to find a way to manure around your problems"
"I'm ready to bale...I dont see any udder way"
As a last resort the White Cow cried out "How cud you leave?! Didn't you promise me we would be together for heifer??"
He minced no words.

"You can argue till the cows come home...but I've made up my mind!"
Her mooving pleas fell on deaf ears. All she could do was sit back and pray for bovine intervention. The Big Black Bull put his life on steak and uddered the magic words...COWABUNGA!

He turned into a BullDozer.
The End.
Tq to Basit for the pics :)