Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hats, Monkeys and Flying Car!

Yeah I know LONG time no blog :P~ Very the busy lah. Plus had the flu :-(

Herbal Tea for company

But at least now I've lotsa rojak pictures to put up :-) First is a weird one of a flying car...

Said Ron to Harry...

Okay its not really a flying car but actually perched on one of those long trailers carrying two "storeys" of cars...only you can't really see the trailer heheh. Took it on the way to tuition some time ago.

Next is my new PINK mp3/4 player...yay!

I'm in love!

Nothing really exciting has happened in the past 2 weeks, so here's pictures of hats made by Form 3 students...surface area project. The best of the lot was the Sorting Hat! Yay Harry Potter!

Hard to find the surface area though

Gryffindor Hollis!

And a graduation hat

Fake scroll provided by CP (some Form 2 paper rolled up)

Top hats cream stick hat

LOADS of hats!

So really, nothing's been happening. The most exciting thing to happen was...

a monkey on the roof of the school hall!

What could be more exciting than that?

two monkeys of the roof of the school hall!

A blur bird that flew in my house?

Or monkey on car?

Even a flat tyre last Saturday was the highlight of our week. Learned that the first thing to do is apply hand brake! Couldn't figure out which way to turn the nuts, since jumping on that metal thing didn't seem to work either direction. Had to call Ed to verify *blur*

anti clockwise!

Though we did shop for a dress for CP for the dance...and found a GREAT one at the mall, pics soooon :-)

That's about all, malas to do update shoe section, tomorrow ++ lah :-)