Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dandiya Raas Celebration

We'd waited a whole year for the Dandiya Raas (stick dance)...this year it was held at the IPA in Rimba.

Mark was stuck in a long queue at the Doulos, so we were a little late and missed a few dances.

The clap-clap dance

The celebration was attended by celebrity Lindsay Lohan...

Oklah, oklah, just her lookalike.

Though the orang putihs are seriously good at this!

There were plenty of hot chicks...


I meant Ankit's hot chicks. Erm.

We arrived in the middle of this dance..

...and shortly after, there was a pooja, after which everyone was given some prasad.

The prasad: Raisins, nuts and rock sugar

Snippet of conversation:
Mark: Looks like I'm not the only chinese here.
Me: Looks like I'm not the only indian here.
Mark: !!!

Then the boxes of sticks were brought out.

After this point, the picture quality goes pretty downhill but at least still a little visible.

From this (Ankit's camera)

To this (my phone's cam)

Very lawa baju!

After the first dance, there was a break for dinner. Mark left to go back to ubd, and CP and I weren't hungry (after Cikgu Jalilah's open house), so we went back to the hall to wait. And take pictures...

With the banner and sticks

Of ourselves.

Of our fingers. Jobless.

By the time the next dance started, a lot of people had gone home, probably because it's Sunday night, but still enough to dance :) Halfway through CP escaped from the ring and took pictures :D

The one and only dancing lungiman!

Me dancing with Manu's mom

Very Hyper Guy in the maroon baju!

Me and Very Hyper Guy

Survived Very Hyper Guy :D

The guy in the yellow baju seemed a bit scared of the sticks

The pink arrow guy can shake his head while dancing some more!

Amazing how no one got hurt with so many hyper people and sticks flying all over the place. Well almost no one. Ankit accidentally stomped on my bare foot halfway through :-( The last 2 toes have been declared missing.

Keeping my feet safely away from Ankit...

Ya, ya I've got tiny eyes, get over it :P

Dancing away long after I'd collapsed into a chair

Many tanks to Ankit for his nice pics :-)