Thursday, April 05, 2007

Three wise monkeys & Prosperity Cats

Nothing new to post so here are some old pics taken when we were REALLY jobless...First outside IGS college where Ed, Asma and I "lepak"ed for a while waiting for 5pm traffic to clear. Remember those 3 wise monkeys...

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil?

Ex-FCS-Staff Version

Then Ed had a brainwash brainwave and got me and Asma to stare blankly ahead while he took our pic from the top. Ya Ed, now I see what you were "looking" for :P

Me and Asmerr!

Next we had Prosperity Asma

And taken at DRoyalle during Edisms 101...Prosperity Ed

Realised only later that we'd had the wrong hand up...

Original Prosperity cat...

And here's Ed trying to cheat:

Hehe no lah...he's doing Puss-in-Boots...awwww

Lastly, here's one of my kids, he's very, very cute and chubby...with a T-shirt that is SO him!

All This & Mean Pancakes In The A.M.