Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to...Make Furry Shoes

Nothing much to blog about (millions of blogs must have started off at least one entry with this line) so this one will be about shoes! Inspired by Mary's shoes...

Mary's shoes...taken at Sheraton during our annual dinner

...I bought a pair in First Emporium with the cute ribbons. And it was on sale! *yay*

my ribbony shoes
But they weren't cute enough so I bought black fur and glued them on the shoes.

Can you spot the difference?
The finished product.
Lawa or not?:-)


asmerr said...

very niceeee and hellooo...great uve started this...i am inspired now to redo my asmerrville tales:) i misss the 12 o clock coffe in bandar!

Ashes said...

tankuuuu, me tryin to stick to resolution but dunno how long this'll last, nothing much happening here :P Me miss coffee-ing too! Will put up the prosperity cats soon ;)

Anonymous said...
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