Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The KGB, Restroom doors and Chicks!

This one's when CP and I were driving past RIPAS and we saw this BIG..uhh..vehicle (dunno what to call it? truck? scooter? heheh) with tinted windows. Luckily they had to stop at a red light so we took this:

And since we often give chase to anything that catches our attention, we zooooomed after it and tailed it to the junction and managed to stop at a red light...right behind it :D

A real live Hummer!

The really odd bit was the 3 letter license plate...


And now, KFC's restroom doors. Because ANYTHING shoe-related is good ;-)


Ok they aren't that unique, so here's a restroom door you can find only in Bn - complete with baju kurung and tudong :-)

At Ong Sum Ping Health centre - Hers!

Finally, a pic from the pile sent from Basit in S'pore

Oi!! What were you looking at!!!!111oneoneoneone

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