Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weird Stuff in BN - Exhibit B

The naked kids are worth a whole entry. This time we were driving thru Kiulap round the Thien Thien chicken rice block, when we saw a group of naked kids hanging out outside Giordano's.
Wah! Naked kids!
Sakai as usual, so we drove round the block again to have a better look.


Then we parked and got down to take more pictures..

These ang-moh really OPEN-minded eh

The Giordano sales staff had come out of the store to watch us by then. And the naked kids consented to a group photo with us.

CP and the kids

I'd love be get a little dramatic and end with "And we never saw them again.", but we spied these kids posing with little placards at Giordano's in The Mall around Christmas - fully dressed :P