Thursday, March 08, 2007

Japanese chicks are hot!

We were driving through Bandar to get to Maybank when we spotted two chicks with PINK luggage in the middle of the road..

Ya, need to wash my car

They looked pretty cute so we stopped next to HSBC to take another picture while they wheeled past..

Window down this time

But CP was a lil too slow, we only got their backs. So we stopped a little further ahead, but they seemed to change their minds and crossed the road to Droyalle :-(

And so we U-turned to Droyalle and stopped the car outside Al-Hilal and took another picture..

..which turned out like this. So finally ...

CP: "Excuse me, can I take your picture?"
Cute gal : "Why?"
CP: "Because you're cute."
Cute gal: *grin* "OK!"

Much to the amusement of Al-Hilal cooks :P

Japanese chicks are hot! Eat your heart out Basit :D