Friday, March 30, 2007

Metal mouth, 5C memory lane, etc

When we were and Form 5 and my Dad was our Physics teacher *cringe*, I'd to wear external braces/headgear for a whole month to fix my teeth. Which didn't help btw, my teeth still point in 32 different directions. Anyway my Dad happened to be teaching "Magnets" one day. And Queenie who sat beside me then drew a cartoon, signed it and gave it to me. Over ten years later, yellowed and wrinkled, here it is:
Scanned before the paper totally disintegrates

Also grin-worthy is our 5C classic memory of when Thomas Hu told Miss Chong during RK that he was sad because his friend had killed himself, and she asked the whole class to pray for a minute. Until someone blabbed to her that the "friend" was a lizard who'd "committed suicide" leaping off a table :P

Also when Mrs A promised Chen Hao that she'd jump off the roof of our building if he got an A for his Bio...he didn't make it but we hadn't seen him study so hard since Primary 1 heheh!

And now featuring for the first time on this blog, Mrs Yee's shoes:
Rediscovered this pair while moving to the new staffroom

Next, Mary's very cute shoes!

Reminds me of rainbow cake!

Mary again
Aloo's 5 sleepy babies...up for adoption soon!

Lastly, to make Khiong jealous, here's our food from Misato at the Mall :->

CP's sweet bean curd and udon

My eel with eggs and rice

Our hot honey lemon

And after we watched

Falling in love is against the rules..

The Haunted School (which is very, very good !) and scared ourselves senseless, we attempted to distract ourselves with

Chicken and Vegetables (onions and carrots)

Tempura (5 veggie + 2 prawn) and rice

And I wonder why I'm fat :P~ It isn't the food, I still maintain that CP's the most fattening agent ever!

Lastly, quote of the week:
"I think girls will push other girls under a bus if they don't know them."


Bridger said...

now i never heard of that story b4. a real gem. 5C rules!

Queenie said...

i cant believe you kept my masterpiece... i was such a nerdy clown :p

Ashes said...

cracks me up everytime i look at it, couldnt bring myself to throw it away :P
But if Queenie is Queenie, who's bridger?:O 5C some more!

freefun0616 said...
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