Thursday, March 15, 2007

A very belated Christmas

Well it wouldnt be soooo bad if I'd actually stuck to my NY resolution and blogged in Jan, but I wanna put these up anyway :-)
Went shopping with Mrs A for Christmas decor and a tree at The Mall and Jaya. I've always wanted to decorate a tree, so here's a childhood dream come true!
Thanks SOOOO much Mrs A!

And she let me do the doors too!

My "perfect circle" Dad would consider disowning me for the geometrically imperfect star..


And Muuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhz for the 100% desi Christmas lunch and goodies yummmm!
Next, the NBT Christmas pics taken with Maki and Shameer in the dead of the night :-)
Very very lawa!
Their tree can lawan mine :-(

Maki and the Reindeer

Rudolph Version 2.0

Frosty the Snowman :-)

Finally Winter Wonderland at The Empire. Didnt take many pics, cos I carrying my handbag, a million umbrellas and a sack of popcorn. Went with Shanju, Maki, Ayshah and her sisters. Quite lawa and it "snowed" as promised on the hour every hour, if you can strech your imagination and make-believe that the soap bubble-flakes are snowflakes heheh :-)

They had penguins!

And igloos!

And there was this orang putih standing there with a guitar belting out christmas carols and songs, and he was GOOD but so kesian, no one clapped or anything after each song, he must've been singing like that for hours :-(

At least some people wanted a picture with him :-)

The rest of my Empire pictures are too blur, so that's it for Christmas 2006 :-)